If you are interested in accurate information about vintage stoves delivered in a more or less random series of blog posts, by someone who knows what they are talking about, then this is the place you’ve been looking for. Take a look through the posts and categories and see if there isn’t something that you could find useful. If you need help with a stove, with the purchase or operation of BernieDawg silent damper caps, or need some repair work done on your stove, you can find me at the direct email address below. BD


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You can learn about how to renovate, refurbish or repair your stoves direct from my knowledge base. Check out the instructional and special interest videos I’ve published about stoves and stove repair at my popular YouTube channel right here:

Which cap is right for my stove?

Check the BD Silent Cap Index page right here to find the correct cap for your stove:

Where can I buy BernieDawg silent damper caps for my stove?

You can find my product line of silent damper caps and other 3D printed metal stove accessories at either of my two online stores. In the USA, go to the Shapeways store here:

In the EU or Asia, you may find you get a better deal on shipping if you use my Belgium-based manufacturer, i.materialise right here:

Where can I get the instructions for BernieDawg silent damper caps?

The complete silent damper cap instruction page can be found right here:
The instructions are full of all kinds of helpful and useful information that will help you enjoy your BernieDawg silent damper cap better.

What is the difference between the various finishes available on your BernieDawg silent damper caps? Which do you recommend?

The caps are all made of the same stuff – a blend of about 60% stainless steel and 40% bronze. The “finishes” are just surface treatments that make the caps look different. Great for presentation as gifts, but pretty much just cosmetic and not too durable. The finishes will disappear with time as you burn the cap on your stove. If you are buying from i.materialise (as of 3/2022), I recommend the “Natural Polish” or “Brown Polish” finish as they are more economical. If buying through Shapeways (as of 3/2022), I recommend the “Polished Bronzed Steel” or “Polished Bronze-Silver Steel” finishes as they, too, are more economical. If you need fancy looks for presentation purposes, then, by all means, feel free to pony up extra bucks for the bling. Just remember… it’ll go away when used over time.