Stove Part Supplier Links

Here’s a list of stove part suppliers that I’ve used or know about. As I think on it, I may add more, so check back frequently. This list is current as of June 2019. These suppliers tend to come and go in many cases. If I’ve listed your outfit and you don’t want to be listed just let me know in an email. If you find a dead link or if you know of a link I should add, please let me know by emailing: and I’ll try to add, update or remove it as required as soon as possible. Thanks!

Pittman Marine and Stove (Coleman and Amish stove and lantern parts):
40varga (articulated nipple wrenches) –
hammondam (small amount of gaskets Optimus fuel cap gaskets):
intsource (mostly Britelyt lantern and stove parts) –
Old Coleman Parts (Coleman parts for stoves, lanterns and other gear) –
A&H – former Optimus USA parts outlet for many years – run by Shirlene – may not be there any more??? –
spinnakerspar Made-In-The-USA parts from eBay seller (Optimus and Svea pips, gaskets, wicks, graphite packing ribbon, and other consumables for small stove repair) –
Sweden – Fogas – (some stock of old Optimus/Primus parts) –
Tradera- Sweden – (the Swedish eBay where all the stoves and lanterns live) –
Base-Camp – (biggest Optimus/Primus parts house in the world with lots and lots of parts) –
The FettleBox – (stove gasket supplier with very comprehensive stock of seals. Sadly, I’ve gotten lots of reports of slow, forgotten, and sketchy order fulfillment over the last year or so – be forewarned you may wait a while for your order!) –
eBay seller terrry123 in the uk – (thin graphite sheet for making spindle packings) –
hytec (green-colored burner gaskets and sheets of gasket material) –
South Korea:
kkn4602 (Korea silent caps and stove parts) –
lovelantern2014 (lantern and stove parts) –
gksk2146-3 (tons of great tools and stove and lantern parts) –
philbeagle (British Military #12 Army Stove silent cap and other stove/lantern parts) –
simonchantwus_gmail (PentaWrenches, stove and lantern parts) –
chi5972 (stove and lantern fabricated parts) –
kitelamp (sells remakes of various hard-to-find stove and lantern accessories) –
ama3736 eBay seller (sells a small number of parts and graphite packing for many stoves)