Phoebus 625 Stove Restoration Labels

Stove fan and restorer Phillip C. was kind enough to share some labels he made. (Thanks, Phillip!) He used them on a recent restoration of his Phoebus 625 gasoline/naphtha stove. Here’s how they looked on his nicely restored stove.

The labels are presented in three ways: as pdfs, as jpgs, and as docx files. I don’t own a color printer, but, if you do, these may be very useful for you. You are on your own for formatting and the like.

Phoebus small label
Phoebus main label


Phoebus 625 small label template1
Phoebus 625 main label template1
Instructions for operating the stove are found here:

AND! Did you know that if you are missing the caps for the Phoebus 625 you can replace them with a BernieDawg Wide Body silent damper cap? Sure enough! Here’s a photo: